"Excellent, beautiful music in the most fantastic setting, majestic! Thank you."
"Really very nice, intimate and probably cream of upcoming young artists in Leicester."
"Great to see such display in Leicester. Lots of diverse audience members too! Leicester is lucky!"
"I wanted to congratulate you on putting on such a fantastic show yesterday. The performance was awesome and took my soul to you a different level. Every minute of the music was a blessing. Please let us more of such performances in summer in open green spaces.
My heart-full thanks to all the artists."
"Very intense and engaging performances."
"Very, very nice. Brilliant. Thank you."
"An evening of bliss."
"Absolutely wonderful. What extraordinary music we have in Leicester."
"Exactly what we needed following a stressful exam today! A special thank you!"
"Wow! Totally blown away by the quality of the performance and the amazing atmosphere and the energy created by the performers. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent so genuinely and generously."
"First half was amazing, lovely harmonious music. Second half was great, amazing and wonderful."
"Fantastic event, intimate and diverse."
"Absolutely beautiful. I was actually captivated when the musicians did their duet. So glad I came."
"Absolutely superb - It’s great to see opportunities being given to new/upcoming artists."
"Amazing, very inspirational, takes you back into time, very tempting to listen more. Look forward to more events."
"Beautiful music, very well executed, very interesting evening."

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